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Outdoor Writing Workshop with Marilyn Johnston
Friday, August 25th | 1-4 pm

This course is an intensive afternoon of writing designed for youth and adventurous adults, regardless of one’s experience in writing. The class, taught by Marilyn Johnston, is intended to assist in helping to:  gain experience writing from multiple prompts involving art and nature, to learn editing techniques as a way of reviewing their own work.

Students will be expected to bring:
Notepad or journal
Writing utensil
$ 25.00
Flash Fiction Friday
Friday, September 15 | 4-6 pm
Instructor: Byron James Kimball
Age: 13+
Registration Deadline: Due September 8

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Flash fiction is all about stores like these and more – complete, total narrative told within 1,000 words or less. Flash Fiction Friday will guide writers of all skill levels through the process of creating, editing, and submitting their very own flash fiction pieces. No materials necessary, but feel free to bring a notebook and pen, laptop, or typewriter.
$ 0.00
Solarplate Relief Printmaking Workshop with Rebecca Marsh McCannell
Saturday-Sunday, September 16-17 | 10 am-4 pm
Age: 12+
Registration: $110
Supply Fee: $35 (Due at 1st day of workshop) 
Deadline: September 8

Create hand-drawn and/or photocopied “negatives” which will be exposed onto non-toxic photopolymer Solarplates®, using sunlight. The exposed plates are developed in tap water, hardened in sunlight, then printed using water-based ink.
$ 110.00
Intaglio Printmaking: An Introduction to Printmaking with Jo Hockenhull
Saturday-Sunday, September 30-October 1 | 10 am-4 pm
Age: All Ages
Registration: $110
Supply Fee $25 (Due at 1st day of workshop)
Deadline: September 22

This weekend workshop will focus on traditional printmaking methods using contemporary materials. Participants will create drypoint images on acrylic plates to be printed on rag papers. The workshop will introduce basic instruction on how to set up and employ the roller printing presses, which are new to the studio. The workshop is totally non-toxic and geared to all levels of artists.
$ 110.00
Relief Printing: An Introduction to Water-Based Relief Printing with Kim Fink
Saturday, October 7 & 14 | 10 am-4 pm
Age: All Ages
Registration: $110
Supply Fee $10 (Due at 1st day of workshop)
Deadline: September 29

This two day workshop will focus on traditional relief printmaking methods combining traditional and contemporary materials. Participants will create one-color and/or blended color images, using a wood matrix and printed on Asian paper. The workshop will introduce basic introduction on how to set up and employ a printing press as well as hand-printing. The workshop incorporates non-toxic material and is geared to all levels of artists.
$ 110.00
Creative Bookmaking with Ann Kresge
Saturday-Sunday, October 21-22 | 10 am-4 pm
Age: 18+
Registration: $110
Supply Fee $15 (Due at 1st day of workshop)
Deadline: October 13

In this two day hands-on workshop students will learn several handmade book forms from the simple to complex. Topics covered will include sewn bindings, glued bindings, and compound bindings. From elegant handmade paper Japanese bound books to 3-D tunnel books, students will acquire binding skills while using bookmaking tools and materials. Many handmade books by artists from around the world will be shared. No experience necessary.
$ 110.00
What’s Your Story: Real or Imagined: Telling Stories through Old Photos
Saturday, October 28 | 9:30 am-4:30 pm
Instructor: Dayna Collins
Age: 14+
Registration: $75
Materials fee: $25 (Due at workshop) 
Deadline: October 20

Ancestors. We all have them, but do we know their stories? In this class, we'll build a story based on a black and white photo -- real relatives or "adopted" ones. We will create aged backgrounds using paint and stains, then build a collaged vignette using old letters, ephemera, envelopes, lace, tape, trim, string, and a variety of lightweight found objects. Working in a grid, everyone will create a patchwork quilt of stories, which we'll put together in honor of those who came before us.
$ 75.00