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Event / Offering
Unit Price (USD)
Transformative Art with Julie Jeanseau
Monday, July 10| 2-4:30 pm 
Age: 6-9

From drawing to painting to printmaking: introducing youth to Gelli plates and carbon transfers, participants will learn printmaking techniques in an afternoon workshop. Come create a book of original prints and drawings as we explore mono prints with direct painting, stencils and carbon transfers.
$ 25.00
Aquatic Collage with Robin Cunningham
Tuesday, July 11 | 2-4:30 pm
Age: 6-9

We will use colored paper, pencil, watercolors, scissors, glue stick and our imaginations to create aquatic collages.
$ 25.00
Wonderful Rainbow Windsocks with Jennifer Gimzewski
Wednesday, July 12 | 2-4:30 pm
Age: 6-9

Let's get together and make a beautiful windsock. Using recycled materials: a plastic water bottle, tissue paper and ribbon, we will make a wonderful windsock to hang in your garden or just to twirl around. 
$ 25.00
Sculpture with Nancy Kurz
Thursday, July 13 | 2-4:30 pm
Age: 6-9

Mini sculpture enthusiasts are invited to participate for an afternoon of creating dynamic 3-D foil animal sculptures and landscape scenes. This class will be an exciting experience of hands-on exploration,   guiding students on an adventure from the world of 2-D into the textural, multi-dimensional world of 3-D.
$ 25.00
Making Your Own Musical Instruments with Stephen Cohen
Friday, July 14 | 2-4:30 pm 
Age: 6-9 

Make a custom musical instrument using copper, brass, wood, and found & recycled materials. Instruments you can bang on, shake, blow into, pluck, and instruments you can play in a parade.
$ 25.00
July Art Workshops for Kids
Monday-Friday, July 10-14 | 2-4:30 pm
Age: 6-9
Registration: All Five Days

See individual listings for each day's workshop description. 
$ 100.00