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A Calm Mind and A Joyful Heart: An Intro to Mindfulness Meditation, Jan 2019
Held at Crossings in Silver Spring, MD
Tuesday, January 22, 7:00-8:30 p.m.

During this 90 minute workshop we will explore mindfulness as a daily practice and become familiar with conscious breathing, sitting meditation, and walking  meditation.  

There is no required fee for this workshop donations are appreciated. If you plan to attend, please sign up here so that we can be prepared for you. (Click the check box to the right, and click "continue" below.)
Nourishing Our True Presence: Still Water Winter Practice Retreat 2019
February 1 -3, at Am Kolel Nature Sanctuary  

At this Winter Practice Retreat our meditations and our Dharma talks and sharings, and all our daily activities, will focus on nourishing our our true presence.

The Still Water MPC has established a sliding scale for our retreats so that all may attend:

Everyone will be staying in the spacious and comfortable rooms of the Sanctuary Retreat Center. The suggested donation for the weekend is $220 per person; the benefactor donation is $275 per person; and the limited income donation is $165 per person. 

You are welcome to contribute any amount between the limited-income contribution and the benefactor contribution (or more if you wish), in accord with the urgings of your heart and your means and circumstances. 

NOTE: The accommodations and expenses cost is $165 per person. All contributions above this amounts are considered to be voluntary, tax-deductible contributions.
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